Information About Ethanol Cleaning

Ethanol cleaning uses a type of denatured alcohol that has been rendered undrinkable because a toxic substance has been added to it. Typically, this toxic substance is methanol. However, there are several different substances that can be used here, including gasoline and acetone. It is then primarily used as either a liquid sander or a stain remover but there are also other uses as well.

It is best to conduct ethanol cleaning on clean, hard surfaces. Ethanol cleaning is able to get to stains that other soaps and detergents are simply unable to penetrate. For instance, it works well whenever you need to get rid of grease stains or clean spots on hard floors, CDs, windows or kitchen appliances. It is also used to clean paintbrushes, paint spills and similar stains. You should never use ethanol cleaning on clothing, upholstery, leather or porous materials. It will stain these items and can even ruin them.

Before conducting ethanol cleaning you should test it on a small area before using it on a big area to make sure that it does not remove paint or blemish the surface. Whenever you are ready to use ethanol cleaning on any of these things you will want to simply dab it onto a cloth then blot up the stain. You can also put it into a spray bottle and spray it onto a stain before rubbing it with a cloth. Oftentimes you will want to use a dry, clean cloth after the stain removal process has dried so as to polish the formerly stained area. It is important to remember that the more stubborn a stain is, the longer you will need to soak it before you clean the denatured alcohol up.

One word of caution does need to be shared here though since this is a very potent substance. Ethanol cleaning should always be done with extreme caution. You always need to keep this cleaner in a safe place where children cannot reach it because it is hazardous if swallowed or if you get it into an open wound or your eyes. Keep in mind that it is flammable. It should always be used with proper ventilation since the fumes are toxic.

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