Six Free Twitter Secrets for Bloggers

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Are you a blogger looking to make use of the 500 million users, according to Expanded Ramblings, that are using Twitter? Learning how to market on Twitter can be an important way to build connections with your readers and expand your reach. Here are 6 free twitter secrets to get your blog the attention it deserves.

  • Be Part of a Community
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    Even though you are trying to use these free twitter secrets for your marketing efforts, that does not mean you should only tweet your own content. As MommiFried points out, you have to share other content too. Like someone else’s post? Retweet it. Love another blogger’s approach to your topic? Share it. People want to see a blogger who is interested in increasing overall dialogue about their topic.

  • Be Yourself
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    Darren Rowse of ProBlogger writes that worrying too much about being politically correct and trying to come across well can actually lead to less interest in your feed. Be yourself. Your own style of witty tweets and hilarious one liners that showcase your personality are what make you unique. Do not give up the one marketing tool no one else has.

  • Keep Your Stream Alive
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    If you write about Chinese culture on your blog, for example, there is a pretty good chance that people in different time zones will be interested in reading that content. The Cultureur writes that retweeting your content a time or two throughout the day is a good way to expand your reach to people operating on different schedules across the world.

  • Let People Know You Are on Twitter!
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    This one may seem obvious, but you need to let people know that you are on Twitter. Provide readers with a link to your Twitter profile on your blog and through other social media platforms like Facebook. Never assume they will find you on their own.

  • Balance Automation with Live Content
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    Adam Stetzer of Search Engine Watch writes that businesses need to balance the ease of automated tweeting with the human touch of manual. While automating posts is important for reaching people in your sleeping hours, think of those aforementioned time zones, the fact is people do not like following robots. Create a human presence and show them you are more than an automated marketing scheme.

  • Be Social
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    The thing many people forget when searching for free twitter secrets is the one that should be the most obvious; you have to be social on social media. If somebody talks to you, talk back. If you see an interesting conversation developing, get involved. People on social media are looking for this type of connection with the services they follow. If the conversation is one-sided, they will not be sticking around.

If you are a Twitter novice who is looking to get your blog out there, then follow these 6 free twitter secrets. They can be the key to growing a devoted following. Be yourself, be social, and act like a human being. Good luck!

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