Fashion Sense: The Real Sixth Sense?

Having a good sense of Fashion is something that can be loosely defined and accepted. “Fashion Sense” may be perhaps the most widely undefined grouping of words existent in our daily lives. Anybody can claim that they are fashionable, so defining fashion sense is really based on personal taste.

The word “Fashion” in dress, is defined as “the prevailing mode affecting modifications in costume”. Basically, this means whatever everybody is doing with the things that they wear. For most people, fashion, or someones’ fashion sense, is a way for people to express themselves. To show or hide a part of their personality, body, or mind. The way an individual dresses can be based on hundreds of factors. Environment, likes and dislikes, part of the country you live in.. and more.

In a society that places so much effort on fashion sense and what people are wearing, it is easy to see where the inspiration from our clothing may come from. Press representatives attend fashion shows months in advance to prepare themselves for trends. Designers utilize celebrities and other public figures to convince us that their clothing is “in” or worthwhile, along with every fashion magazine in the country. Fashion sense, however, is really up to us as the consumer.

The personal fashion sense of one person as compared to another persons is rarely ever the same. So why does anybody even care?
The truth is, whether we like it or not, the clothing we choose to wear is a representation of ourselves. What people first see is your physical appearance, so your clothing sends out a message, whether that message is the message you intended to send or not.

For example, choosing to dress currently suggests that you are both flexible and modern. It means you are easily adaptable to change and able to process new ideas. Who would have thought your favorite 80’s metal band t-shirt may suggest that you are unwilling to process change and new ideas?

While fashion sense has no real definition, it is important to remember that your clothing sends a message about how you want to represent yourself. Whether you want to be represented as an approachable professional, or a brooding heavy metal musician, you are still being judged based on your clothing. To each his own, but still, and important thing to think about.

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