The Origins of Earrings – Kredy Online

It’s been a long time since the beginning of history. But when were earrings first made fashionable? We will be looking at the evolution of earrings in this article.

In prehistoric Egypt it was commonplace to wear earrings by the men of Egypt. The opposite is that we observe now. This was one of the first instances of earrings. While earrings can be put on by men and women today, they’re mostly worn by women. It’s interesting to see that in ancient Egypt this was not the case.

Another interesting part of the story of earrings’ history is the fact that they were prohibited from the catholic religion in the thirteenth century. It is possible to imagine that earrings are forbidden today.

The latest statistics reveal that almost eighty percent Americans have ear-piercing. This number is much greater than all the other instances we discussed. Although they had a controversial past, earrings today are generally seen as a design statement. Earrings can have cultural significance However, this isn’t the case. They are very popular due to their various styles along with their capacity to be used in various methods. There’s no single place for you to have your ears pierced and it’s because of this that we have so many types of earrings.


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