An Intro to Storing Your Precious Artwork – The Art Museum

It is important to shield the originals you’ve created from tears and humidity, no matter if you’re drawing an exquisite sketch or intricate watercolor. It’s more challenging to store mediums such as charcoals and oil pastels because they smudge easily and may change their color. Storage that is organized can make a distinction between whether the original art sells for thousands, or even hundreds of dollars. In this tutorial, we will look at how to best keep your artwork safe and organised.

If you want for a way to protect your canvas you could make your own felt pockets by stitching a big piece of felt purchased from the craft shop in your area. This prevents the canvas from hitting anything as well as keeping its contents safe from the elements. These can be rearranged in the bedroom, or put in large boxes separated by squares of poster board. The artist recommends investing into a portfolio to keep each of your documents laminated.


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