Are New or Used Cars a Better Deal in the Current Market? – Custom Wheels Direct

Automobiles are an integral part of our life. It is likely that you will require a car to get to your job or meet with acquaintances. Without our cars, where would we be? Because of the pandemic along with other related issues, it has become more expensive to purchase a car. Some people may consider buying the latest vehicles instead of their current cars. If they are priced similarly it could be logical. However, in this video you’ll discover what is the best option.

A brand new vehicle is a high-risk investment. The value of the car will decrease dramatically as soon as you drive them off the dealership. In addition, they can have more expensive insurance rates and body repairs can be expensive. It can take up to 1 year for these costs to fall. In the beginning, depreciation keeps dropping car’s worth off the edge.

It’s better to go with used vehicles. While they still depreciate with usage, it is much less noticeable than an expensive new car. You also get lower rates for insurance, and car body repair expenses are much less. Also, they’re less expensive to purchase upfront than are new cars.


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