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What medicare insurance is and what it is that you must know about it.

Medicare is the biggest insurance program. The agency of the government, called the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services manages it.

In order to be eligible for Medicare is to be 65 years or older and be a citizen or permanent resident in the United States, and you as well as your spouse must be able to pay medicare or texases in the time you were working.

There are two components to medicare insurance. Part A, which is hospital insurance and Part B which includes medical insurance. Part A will cover your medical care while you are in the hospital. The plan does not require a cost or monthly premium, but the patient is responsible for a portion of the cost. The Pary B plan includes medical services , such as medical tests, as well as other outpatient hospital services. This is an annual fee as well as the option of sharing costs.

There are medicare supplement plans that may be purchased since Medicare cannot cover all costs.

Watch the video to learn the basics about medicare.


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