Hire the Best Sales People and Hang Onto Them!

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If you work in sales, you know that keeping on a good sales force is not easy. On average, the yearly turn over rate for a sales force is a whopping 40 percent. Plus, a lot of new sales hires do not work out. 40 percent of North American sales professionals miss their quotas, 22 percent are untrainable, and sadly, only 10 percent provide a return on investment.

Bringing on and retaining a great sales force long term is a difficult, but worthwhile, endeavor for many organizations. Hiring and training new workers is expensive, which is why it is so important to get it right the first time. The typical investment in a sales hiring mistake amounts to between 6 and 10 times the base salary of the sales representative, a highly expensive proposition. This is why working with an executive recruiting firm can be such a great move. An executive recruiting firm employs sales and marketing headhunters to vet prospective candidates for sales and recruiting jobs so that you do not have to. Your recruiter will manage the hiring process from beginning to end, and will be able to rely on the extensive contacts through the executive recruiting firm he works for.

The best sales people to hire do not necessarily have previous experience selling. A newbie can do just as good a job as the most seasoned professional. In order for new hires to have a successful sales career, little work experience in sales can be remedied with training and mentoring. A good executive recruiting firm employs recruiters who are aware of this fact.

Because the vast majority of the job a sales rep performs is dependent upon intangible qualities rather than hard skills, a sales rep must be a good communicator who has a warm smile and firm handshake. When filling sales and recruiting jobs, an executive recruiting firm headhunter relies on a well developed sixth sense about whether the candidate has what it takes to succeed. Having placed many salespeople in jobs that they excelled at, executive recruiting firm headhunters develop a finely tuned intuition that serves clients like you very well.

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