Self Storage As a Solution for Your RV and Boat Storage Needs

Boat storage costs

Just last year my wife and I retired and we decided it was time to indulge a little. We got ourselves both an RV and a boat pretty much by accident and we spent all last year cruising the roads and lakes of this fine country. The best part was that we got the RV and the boat from a storage auction! It was back in 2010 that we were watching Storage Wars and Auction Hunters, and I guess that increased interest all over the place because we found it to be a very exciting bid when we tried it out for ourselves not long ago.

We had a fantastic time on the RV and the boat, and we even considered keeping up our travels well into the winter but we had a few new grandchildren back home. Ultimately, we decided to give it a rest for the season. Unfortunately, Rv and boat storage were entirely new to us and we had no idea where to start. We went to a storage unit business and they asked us if the vehicles were in running condition, or if they were not, were they on a trailer? We told them of course they were in running condition and that was a step in the right direction. Apparently, any self storage facility requires that either your vehicles be in good condition, or at the very least on a trailer. Certainly good to know for the future.

After that the nice young men at the RV and boat storage facility asked us if we wanted a climate controlled unit or not? We asked them both…is a climate controlled storage unit really necessary? They told us that if we were planning on using the personal storage unit often then we might want to consider how comfortable it was to go in and out of. Especially at our age temperature is important and if the rental unit was too hot or too cold it could prove difficult for us to manage. The good news was that for RV and boat storage the units usually have climate control! So we went for it.

The storage unit cost was a concern for us so we asked around with our neighbors what the going prices are for personal storage units. It turns out that many of our friends and family had rented a unit. Though statistics say one in ten households do it we seemed to find many more people who had rented than had not.

We got a good idea of how much it would cost and then we were all set! We put our boat and RV into storage for the winter and now we are spending some time with the grandchildren until the weather improves. Soon we will be on the road again!
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