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A picture is worth a thousand words. An image can hold any number of meanings, which is why companies spend billions of dollars on marketing research and design to aid in creating customer friendly websites. With the advent of internet shopping, companies are now turning their attention to responsive web design to connect with the online consumer. In 2012, $6.4 billion dollars were spent on mobile marketing alone. Spending such vast quantities of money on web marketing increases the need for responsive web design.

Responsive web design has various faces. Companies want their customers to respond well to their image and thus employ various types of web design methods. Responsive web design ranges from the appearance of a company’s page, to the written content, to its navigation systems. Within the field of web design,there are various specializations, such as graphic design, interface design, user experience design, search engine optimization, and web authoring, including standardized code and propriety software. All of these various facets of responsive web design serve to enhance a company’s overall website marketability.

As internet access has expanded beyond computer screens to telephone screens, companies have put even more time and money in responsive web design. A modern shopper can now browse a web page at his or her leisure in almost any location. This surge in digital marketing has lead companies to place greater emphasis on responsive web design. Not only are they now focusing on websites, but companies are also targeting the mobile shopper. In a survey conducted my google, 67% of mobile users said that they were more likely to purchase from a website that was mobile friendly. Such a vast percentage is a large motivator for companies to invest in responsive web design.

As more and more websites are becoming mobile friendly, the need for responsive web design has increased. Over a third of mobile shoppers say that they view time spent on poorly conceived websites as time wasted. Responsive web design goes beyond the overall appearance of the site and encompasses how easy it is for costumers to navigate. A third of mobile users state that they want to find whatever they are searching for on a website within one or two clicks and they would like to have a search bar to assist in searching. Companies will hire web design experts or mobile web design and developmental services to assist in making their websites more mobile friendly, easier to navigate, and to have overall appeal through the use of responsive web design.

Responsive web design is necessary for any company to succeed in the online market. The easier a website is to navigate and the more appealing it is will lead to higher traffic and sales. When it comes to online services, it’s all about the look and in order to look good a company needs responsive web design. Research more like this:

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