Windows Patches: Keep Your Computer Safe

Anyone who runs a windows operating system hopefully understands the importance of downloading and installing windows service packs and windows updates, which install windows patches that are deemed critical. Microsoft is constantly releasing security updates with windows patches that are supposed to fix security holes and other problems. Many windows patches are rated as important while the severe windows patches are rated as critical. It is important that home computer users as well as network administrators keep an active watch for any updates being released by Microsoft. Additionally, many third-party software programs are available to keep their computers protected from security threats.

There has always been a threat to the security of computers running Microsoft’s operating systems. However, as soon as Microsoft comes up with new windows patches more hackers come up with additional ways to cause havoc. For home users who are not up to speed on issues regarding updates it is best that they have their computers set automatically to download and install all service packs and updates that involve windows patches. Third party programs are another way to stay on top of security issues. Many people store sensitive information on their home computers, including their banking and credit card information that can be compromised.

Network administrators normally have a lot more responsibility in making sure company computers are using the most recent windows patches. There is a lot at stake if a network is invaded and credit cards and other critical consumer information get stolen by hackers. Network administrators not only use windows patches, they often use third-party software to keep their company’s network safe.

Security threats involve all of Microsoft’s devices including operating systems XP, Vista and 7. Live messenger, Internet Explorer and Windows Mobile has security issues that need windows patches for protection. Every day new threats are found and new windows patches are released to stop the intruders. Under normal situations, keeping the windows patches current will provide the protection you need to keep your information safe.

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