Should You or Your Social Security Disability Attorney Be the Point of Contact?

Q: If you are having difficulty getting support from your physician, should you seek help from a social security disability attorney?

A: The supporting evidence provided on your behalf is the foundation for your claim. The disability examiner and, if necessary, the judge for your case cannot make a fair decision regarding your eligibility for benefits if you have not provided a complete picture of how your injury or condition affects your daily activities and ability to be employed. If your physician does not support your decision to apply for disability insurance or is simply unresponsive, it would be wise to seek the assistance of a social security disability attorney. A social security disability attorney will help you contact your current physician and determine the reason he or she has not responded to your requests to provide the required statement on your behalf. If your physician does not believe you should be applying for disability, your attorney can help you find a new physician. A social security disability attorney deals with these types of claims on a regular basis and has the expertise and experience to know how to obtain the supporting evidence necessary for your claim in the most timely and effective manner.

Q: If you hire a social security disability attorney after you have already applied, will he or she be the main point of contact with the agency?

A: It is best to have only one primary point of contact for your disability claim. If you have recently hired a social security disability attorney, he or she should be that contact. Be sure to tell the disability examiner handling your case that you have hired an attorney and obtain a status check of your claim, so that you are aware of any looming deadlines or issues that your attorney will need to address. Maintain open and honest communication with your attorney, but your attorney should be the one communicating directly with Social Security.

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