What to Know Before Making Second Floor Additions – Home Renovation Tips and Tricks

ment decision. There are many reasons to consider a second-floor building attractive due to a myriad different reasons. It could be because you have a narrow lot or are looking to carry out improvements without having to sacrifice your backyard space. The new flooring will be able to accommodate changes that would not work for your current floor. Make sure that you know what you want to do in head before you begin to remodel your house. Here are some options for adding a second floor.

When making a second-floor construction decision, height restrictions need to be considered. These will vary from community to neighborhood, but a good measure of these restrictions is to determine if any of your neighbors feature similar constructions. If unsure, you can contact your local city for clarifications about height limitations for homes. It is also important to ensure the gravity load applied to the houses do not compromise its strength.

We’ve also added some recommendations and tips for second-floor renovations in our video, accessible above.


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