Why Should You Send Your Child to a Catholic School? – Web Lib

What ways Catholics can aid these schools to bring the students nearer to God. Mary Park talks about catholic school benefits during an interview. Studies show that as many as 99percent of Catholic school pupils graduate from high school, and 86% go on to university. It is her belief that Catholic education can help children become holistically shaped, by integrating their faith, moral and intellectual development.

One of the biggest issues for catholic schools is the inadequate financial revenues. She’s also one of the school administrators and understands how challenging it is for schools to find funding sources that will permit them to complete the mission they have set for themselves. The financial situation also hinders the provision of resources and training for diverse students according to the needs of each student. She enjoins Catholics, in order to increase the use of classical catholic educational and attract more Catholics towards the Church, to give intellectual stimulation to their young children as early as possible. It is important to encourage children to seek out answers and providing them with truth.


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