What is Plaque and Why Should You Care? – Home Teeth Whitening

They are however temporary solutions. Your teeth could get yellowed when you don’t take good care of them. The accumulation of plaque can lead to yellowing. In this instructional video you’ll find out more about plaque , and the best ways to stop it from happening.

Plaque is usually believed to be made from bacteria. This is, however, mostly false. Ask a dentist and they’ll tell you plaque is actually biofilm. This protects bacteria beneath. Also, it is like a house for harmful bacteria. It is evident that this is bad. Plaque protects the bacteria responsible for the development of cavities. It also makes your teeth white. The proper dental care is the ideal way to fix this. You want to be brushing and flossing twice a day in order to not only eliminate plaque and bacteria and also to get rid of food particles which have become in on your teeth. This is important because the harmful bacteria feed on food particulates. Sugar is their favourite food. That’s why you frequently get advice from dentists to cut down on the consumption of sugar.


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