What Do Agriculture Attorneys Do? – Eau Claire Injury Lawyer

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Laws pertaining to agriculture are also known by the name of Ag Law. It encompasses all aspects of agricultural law, which includes agricultural, food irrigation rights, pesticide use. It also covers insurance, advertising and labor. Some ag law falls under the umbrella of environmental law that regulates forests or fisheries.

The National Agricultural Law Center, or NALC, is the only specific resource that focuses on the law of agriculture within the US. It is funded by the federal government, or through your tax dollars it provides advice and resources for attorneys who work in agriculture perform their jobs as well possible.

An example of an agriculture law instance is the recall of peanut butter issued by the federal government back in 2009. The bacteria Salmonella was found inside peanut butter containers, made consumers sick. Ag law attorneys were able to determine how producers were responsible. They also assisted in developing how to prevent that it doesn’t happen again.

To learn more about agricultural law, take a look at the video linked above.


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