The Car Window Tinting Process – Your Oil

window tints, which include tints for privacy, UV protection, stylish windows, such as privacy, UV protection, fashion, and safety. In this short video, you are taught how car windows are tinted. Window tinting is also available options if you need professional help installing the tint on your behalf.

Elliot Baker can tint vehicle windows like a pro. First, he sprays the windows in soapy waters. Then, he adds the tint to the upper part of the glass so that it is cut to the right size. There should be a bit of tint in the bottom, to use for tucking between the windows. The extra tint is removed and the film is reduced with an air dryer and the squeegee. Then, he trims any unnecessary edges. He then cleans the outside of the glass thoroughly prior to he applies the film. Then, place the film over the window. Start with the lowest point. Continue working your way towards the highest point. The film will fall into its place. It may need to be moved little until it’s in the right position. The back window may be smaller than the other windows it’s installation process remains similar. This window will need greater film and will shrink.


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