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Pizza is the first section of Italian food that we’ll explore. In the video we will learn that pizza is the second most popular food around the world. You can trace the roots of pizza back to Naples.

The video also states the way that the in Italy the various areas and cities will to have many differences. They can be evident in the cuisine that is popular in each place. One example is that Rome is popular for carbonara pasta. It doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to have this dish elsewhere in areas, but it does mean that Rome is where you’ll find it the most.

Overall, Italian cuisine is full of variations and dishes which are well-known. In the outside world of Italy it is possible to find Italian foods we eat is one of many variations. Culture and history influence our food choices, so it is important to learn about the difference between those.

There’s no better way to learn and understand the culture of a country than through food.


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