Do Bionic Metal Hoses Work? – Remodeling Magazine

WYFF News 4 tests whether the Bionic Metal Hose works as it is claimed to work.

This Bionic Metal Hose is a form of corrugated metal pipe and is a particular kind that features a thinly-walled steel tube which has annular or helical corrugations in its design. The design is able to withstand extension when pressure is applied. The device is typically used for the transfer of extremely hot water and steam as well as hot oil. This device can be employed in a variety of industries, like cryogenics and petrochemical.

It was first tried to cut through the hose using a steel tool. Even with a few scratches however, the hose didn’t break. Another test was conducted to test if it could be cut with a shovel. The results showed that even though the outer layer of the piece of hose was gone however, the inner layer was present, which means that it is still usable.

The test concluded with running the hose over and under. While there was some bending it still functioned.

This Bionic Hose is effective in almost every way. But, it is important to be careful not to accidentally dig the hose with your garden shovel. fzqpreazqd.

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