This Woman Makes Jewelry From Cremation Ashes – Small Business Tips

It can be very difficult to deal with the loss of a beloved person. With time, however funeral homes have been searching for ways to pay tribute to the dead with different items to ensure the deceased person will always be there with you everywhere you move. It started out with cremation viles. They were little viles that would contain the remains of your beloved ones. The look was rather unattractive and unpersonal. What has changed within the cremation industry is how they have created jewelry for cremation. In this clip, we see the way this lady started an unusual business due to the absence of a truly nice method to keep the ashes. As with a locket that has a picture in it, this makes it so it is possible for the person to remain with you in a friendly and respectful manner to the end of their lives. Jars and Urns are often distasteful, but with this method of making jewelry you only need the ashes of just a handful to make a gorgeous piece of jewelry that you can take anywhere with you. nxkefrj74a.

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