What Your Dentist Office Website Needs to Attract Patients

No business is immune to the need to operate a high quality website in this age of digital business. Consider, 78.1% of Americans, 34.3% of the world uses the internet to find products and services from all types of providers, according to Internet World Stats. Dentist websites, like those for video games, movies, and any other business need to make themselves available and useful to all web users if they are ever going to generate increased revenue.

If your dentist office website is failing to generate traffic and income potential, then your practice is missing out on a huge source of income. Here are four characteristics every dentist office website needs to survive and thrive.

  1. Much More Than a Marketing Gimmick
  2. When you build your dental practice website, do not make it only a source of information about your practice, your qualifications, and your achievements. Instead, mix it up by talking about revolutions in dental medicine. If you are a cosmetic dentist, talk about exciting developments in the world of dental implants that make them the best choice for tooth replacements. If you are a dentist specializing in oral hygiene and dental health, give your readers tips on how to brush and floss better to maintain their teeth. In short, use your dental website to present yourself as an authority.

  3. Do Not Ignore Search Engine Optimization
  4. Dental office websites need to use common web marketing techniques, like search engine optimization, to ensure they are seen on the web. Consider, 93% of all web experiences begin with a search engine, according to Search Engine Journal. If you are invisible in search engine results, you are missing out on a ton of opportunity. If you know nothing about web marketing, contact a SEO marketing and design firm who can help.

  5. Offer a Valuable Service
  6. The number one thing every dentist office website needs to offer is service and value. When your prospective or actual patients visit your site, they are looking for answers to questions. When are you open? What are the costs associated with cavity fillings? Give them the answers to their questions and make your website valuable.

  7. Make Sure Everybody Can View Your Page
  8. 50% of all American mobile users now use a smartphone to connect to the worldwide web. Is your dentist office website optimized for viewing and navigation on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets? If not, then you stand to miss out on millions of potential viewers that could turn in to patients.

All four characteristics are crucial to the success of your dentist office website. If you cannot implement these traits on your site, then find marketing and web design experts who can. Doing so can be the difference between a website that generates business and one that sits dead in the water. Get more here: dentisthubs.com

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