Solar Power To Quickly Replace the Dreaded Fossil Fuel

Solar panels connecticut

The advantages of solar energy for your home are countless. You can look at scientific findings from any number of sites and get differing messages. The oil industry will try to downplay the advantages for solar energy, claiming that oil is just an overall better resource. While companies trying to get you to buy their solar panel systems for your home will tout the advantages until they are blue in the face.

The real source of information when considering whether to solar power your home are those who have nothing invested in the outcome of your decision, who just want to impart honest, unfiltered, unbiased information. Solar and environmental scientists should really be your number one, go to resource for information on solar energy.

Yes, the environment is an important aspect of why solar panels should be considered as an alternative source to energy production, but some people are not as concerned with their impact on the environment, and cannot be bothered with a change in lifestyle to lessen their environmental foot print. But everyone responds positively to money. Namely, how much money can be saved by deciding to solar power your home.

Most people will make the argument about costs and the longevity of the device. But technology has advanced to a point where solar panels have become incredibly inexpensive and reliable. They are on their third generation. You can find solar panels all over, some of basic design, others more complex. If you know what you are looking for, you will find solar panels on calculators, watches, cars, the little lights that run along your driveway, and even on satellites and spaceships.

It has been projected that, by 2020, the cost of solar power can be as low as one dollar per watt. Check with your current power company to see how much you are paying and make the comparison. Solar panel usage has surged nearly 20 percent over the last 15 years, and it is all because of how efficient they have become. Solar panels can now last up to 40 years while still maintaining the same levels of efficiency.

If up front costs are a concern, the government offers rebates and incentives to make it less painful. Check with your individual state government as well. For example, Connecticut offers 30 percent off of the purchase price, and an additional 30 percent come tax time. With all that proof, you should be buying some now.

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