Keep Your Company Cell Phones Secure

Ipads in the enterprise

With fast paced business all being conducted on the internet today, mobile devices have become essential to keeping up. Around 65 million Americans own a smartphone, and this has led to many corporations instituting a BYOD agreement. It becomes easy and cost effective for companies to have their employees participate in bring your own device operations.

Recent reports show that around half of companies with BYOD models have their employees pay for their mobile technology costs. Surprisingly, employees will generally comply with this expectation, most likely because they are also using the devices for personal uses. This can however create a different kind of cost for the company.

When employees are using different types of mobile devices, it can cause some security problems. Information on mobile devices can be easily accessed by hackers, and therefore the company will need to invest in mobile device management. iPhone management, and other security measures can be essential to keeping company and employee information confidential.

As of today in the United States, more than 30% of mobile service subscribers are business mobile users. With this being the case, iPhone management has risen to the top of a company tech support priority list. Published in 1998, a data scrambling system called The Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm began solving these security issues. By 2001, the U.S. government adopted AES as its standard because is was widely considered unbreakable.

Apple has also begun working towards iphone security. They have developed a free tool called Configurator. This iPhone management tool allows users to configure up to 30 iOS devices at once. This will be quite helpful linking the devices of employees to add security software.

If you are using your mobile device at work, or have employees using their personal devices for business purposes, you will want to look into your iPhone management options. All types of mobile device security is out there, and there is an affordable and efficient system for your company. Begin research on the types of devices your company employees use, and what security systems will best protect your information.

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