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In today’s consumer climate, online advertising is one of the most critical aspects of a business’ marketing plan. With 93% of all online experiences beginning with a search engine, consumers have more access to information than ever before, a fact that the 2 billion active internet users around the world take advantage of when searching for products. The amount of leads that are driven by online marketing is astronomical, emphasizing the incredibly high value of search engine rank optimization and other SEO services.

As we saw previously, an incredible majority of online experiences begin with search engines. When a user enters search terms into a search engine, it takes less than a second for thousands of results to surface, ranked by relevance. Though the user doesn’t see it, in that split second the search engine crawls the internet looking for sites with content that matches the keyword, but that’s not all it looks for. The sites that come up first don’t just have the key word in abundance. There are links to them from other locations on the internet within relevant articles and blog posts. They have plenty of followers on social media. They run blogs with lots of useful, relevant content. In short, they’re popular around the web, and holding a high ranking spot in search engine results helps boost that popularity. When users run searches, 75% of them never look past the first page of results, leaving only the top ten for consideration.

The goal of an internet marketing agency is to help boost a site’s ranking by increasing the number of relevant links on the web and by using online social media marketing to create a buzz around a site. Guaranteed search engine optimization success comes from the creation of plenty of user friendly content and close work with an excellent SEO provider. How to find a good SEO company is a trick in and of itself, however. In the world of SEO, we have what we like to call “black hat” and “white hat” tactics. White hat tactics are on the up and up, playing by the rules and achieving fair and square results. Meanwhile, black hat tactics operate by planting links in irrelevant spaces, writing spammy “articles”, and generally playing the search engine rank system. Many search engines penalize sites using black hat tactics with lower rankings when they are discovered. Though many black hat SEO companies claim guaranteed search engine optimization success, they are not offering a quality product. Those seeking guaranteed search engine optimization success would be better advised to look for an SEO firm that offers an understanding of all three aspects of SEO. Guaranteed search engine optimization success comes from a well structured site that is easily indexed, solid on page optimization through HTML tags and keywords, and off page optimization through link building and quality content. Quality providers will recognize that SEO and content marketing go hand in hand to create successful campaigns. A company that is one dimensional is probably less successful and may be using less than reputable techniques to make up for their slack.

Entrusting the care of such a critical aspect of your advertising to another company may make some business owners feel a little uneasy, but many SEO providers offer expertise that can help bring advertising to the next level. Finding the right company can do wonders for a business’ online presence and can generate copious amounts of leads. A little research and faith is all it takes to walk your advertising into the 21st century and enjoy the benefits of online advertising. References.

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  1. SEO is too important to miss out on. You’ll never make the front page for anything except your company’s name without a little work.

  2. SEO is too important to miss out on. You’ll never make the front page for anything except your company’s name without a little work.

  3. SEO is too important to miss out on. You’ll never make the front page for anything except your company’s name without a little work.

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