How Payroll Outsourcing can Increase Efficiency and Decrease Overhead Costs

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All businesses deal with payroll. Payroll is the combination of wage, bonus and deduction, and salary financial records that an employee has. In accounting terms, payroll is the amount of money paid to employees to compensated for services rendered over a specific period of time. Most companies release payroll at regular intervals, the most common being weekly and bi weekly.

It is important to practice effective payroll management or several reasons. Payroll is important to businesses because it determines net income and affects regulations and taxes that are placed on the business for operating. Business must withhold money from employee checks for tax agencies such as social security tax and state income tax. If the company does not know the correct payroll, it might end up paying out too much, or find out too late that it has been off track for the state regulations that determine the real payroll rather than the assumed payroll they were guided by.

From an employee management perspective, payroll is almost important because it can affect morale. When payroll is delivered late, with irregularities, or with errors, it negatively affects morale, which can have larger implications on not only employee efficiency but employee retention as well. In larger companies, there is usually an entire department devoted to handling payroll. In smaller companies, small business payroll services are a role meted out to different employees in order to ensure that everyone is paid and correct withholdings and deductions are made.

Many companies choose payroll outsourcing, allowing third party payroll companies to handle their payroll solutions. Payroll companies can be advantageous especially for small business who cannot afford to have an entire department for payroll, but would experience increased employee efficiency if the task could be outsourced to outside experts at payroll companies who are paid only for when they are working. Payroll companies help small businesses to organize their financial payroll information while also reducing overhead costs of operating.

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  1. It seems like theres a general trend of outsourcing all jobs not related to the core company business. They do that with secretaries now, too. An interesting reorganization of the traditional business structure

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