You Have Choices When You’re Designing a Website for Your Veterinary Practice

Vet swb sites

Let’s look at a few situations where you might find yourself looking at a veterinary website design for your practice.

Perhaps you’re a new veterinarian and the website will be a means to introduce you and your practice to potential clients. Or maybe you’ve merged practices with another vet and you’re looking for a mechanism to help people understand what the new office will offer its clients. You might be in an established, successful veterinary practice that believes in providing all the information it can to clients, and the easiest way is through a good veterinary website design.

There are veterinarian websites, veterinary clinic websites, and websites that help potential clients find a vet in the area.

What you want is a workable, veterinary website design that you have some control over. But your first responsibility is your practice, so the less fiddling you have to do with a website, the better.

That means you have four choices.

1) You complete the veterinary website design yourself and maintain the website. You’re obviously a Renaissance veterinarian with many wonderful skills in and out of your clinic. But when your practice gets really busy, will your website get the attention it deserves? It can be difficult to serve two masters equally.

2) You hire a small local company, perhaps one of your customers, and let them do the veterinary website design for you. Will that company be around a year or five years from now if you have a problem or the site needs revision? Will the site look different and special or be like everything else the company designs? Can you be a little hands on, adding or changing content easily, or must that go through the company?

3) You contract with a larger company with a bigger reputation that hosts a lot of different websites. The veterinary website design they propose has a lot of bells and whistles on it, and they’ll take care of all the technical details and headaches. Your site looks good. But will you have easy control over site content with a bigger, slicker company? And is it more than you really need?

4) You hire a web hosting company that will handle all the technical stuff for you, but also specializes in veterinary website design.
You work with people who have answered your questions for scores of other vets across the company, but they also leave much of the content management on the site up to you, with the controls to easily make changes. Might this also be a company that can help you with some of the other newer stuff like social media contacts (which you really like) and other mechanisms to reach and inform new clients?

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