Go on a Couples Retreat This Weekend

Imago therapy

When you need to bring healing to your marriage, it is a good idea to go on a couples retreat and take part in relationship counselling Calgary offers its citizens. The trusted Calgary professionals know that sometimes it is necessary to add a third party to marital discussions, so that is why they have set up these couples retreats to help married couples with all kinds of problems, including abuse, custody, infidelity, money problems, and more. They have experience in helping couples with all sorts of marital issues, and they can help you too. Schedule a weekend with your spouse to go to one of these couples retreats, and the Calgary marriage counselling professionals will help give you the tools and advice you need to bring healing and wholeness to your marriage. They offer imago therapy, which is an approach to marriage counseling that looks at the marriage side of the issue, instead of counseling each person in the marriage separately. It is an effective method of counseling that has been proven in many couples over the years. When you are at the couples retreat, both you and your spouse will benefit greatly from this method.

The caring, licensed professionals at Calgary marriage counselling have proven that marriages can be saved; they will provide the latest and the best techniques and counseling tools to help you reach the desired results in your marriage and relationships. They know that some problems are very difficult to resolve as well, and when you attend the couples retreat in Calgary, you will receive counseling and follow up appointments to help heal each level of your marital issues. Marriage counselling calgary offers is not a one stop shop; the counseling professionals know that you may need years of counseling to help bring your marriage back together, and they will do what it takes to help heal your broken heart, and help you to begin the forgiveness and healing process.

A couples retreat with a professional couples counselling Calgary session is what you and your spouse need right now to get over the pain and damage associated with domestic violence, substance abuse, child abuse, and child custody cases. They also know that you may need financial help to pay for the counseling sessions, so they have a sliding scale available, along with other payment options as well. Call them today.
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