How to Ensure a Secure Working Environment, Even When That Environment Is Online

Android security model

One quarter of all companies allow workers to bring their own devices to work. And it has benefits. Employees who bring their own devices are often more productive and have less paperwork than other employees. 70 percent of smartphone users check their work email outside of normal business hours and there are 91.4 million smartphones in the United States. Mobile traffic already accounts for 10 percent of internet traffic, and it is just getting warmed up.

Did you know that almost half of all companies that allow their employees to use their own devices for work suffer a security breach? This is why having an Android security model for Android device management is a good idea. Android device management can help ensure that security breaches are not committed by users who check their devices frequently.

Android management can go a long way toward relieving much of the stress of Android in the enterprise marketplace. One third of employees who use a personal mobile device for work believe that their company’s data is neither encrypted nor secure. But Android device management is not only important for security. It is important for managing and securing data and passwords and can also be used for installing Apps.

Android device management can be provided over a cloud, which offers a secure and convenient approach for getting things done. It is for this reason that the demand for it will probably continue to arise. We might be living in an era where people bring their own devices to work, but that does not mean that this data has to be any less secure.
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