Finding the Best Network Security Platform

Network security firewall

Enterprise firewall software is capable of handling security for several users, so it generally is more ideal than other forms of next gen network security for larger companies that need more extensive information technology security measures. It is one of many types of firewalls, which are necessary for businesses today to protect their data when connecting to the Internet. And while the costs for recovering lost or stolen information through security breaches have dropped according to 2011 statistics, the need still remains for an ideal network security platform that addresses security concerns within a company.

As far as an ideal network security platform goes, it should have an intrusion detection system that alerts companies to potential theft or hacking. This intrusion prevention system helps prevent against recent attacks that have occurred on major systems, like the one that occurred in July 2008 when a disgruntled city administrator in San Francisco reset all administrative passwords, effectively locking the entire department out of the program. Or the one that happened more recently in October 2011 when an international hacker was able to crack the code to get into the South Carolina Department of Revenue’s files, gaining access to 3.6 million state tax returns.

Any next generation network will have its own advantages, so companies with concerns about adding a strong network security platform should do research. Businesses have to be safe with their choices too. Not every network security platform has all the right info, so a good investigation is necessary.

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