Mobile Device Management

Patch management

More than 30 percent of mobile service subscribers are from companies operating in the U.S. During the next five years, there is an expected 1 billion smartphones to be in use, according to ABI Research. Companies that allow their employees to use mobile devices like tablet pc’s and smartphones need a mobile device management policy. Mobile device management is extremely critical to keep companies safe from all kinds of threats and cyber attacks. Mobile device management has to do with managing the security of company data that is kept on mobile devices. Without it, customer information and sensitive company info could be lost or stolen. The last thing a business needs is for a mobile device to be lost and then have someone get sensitive information on it that can put their customers, and themselves at risk for fraud or even having money stolen, etc.

Mobile device management is necessary for reducing security risks. It is also needed to control the universal configuration of employee devices. Mobile device management also saves on the costs that are needed to manage hundreds of company iphones and such. There is a technology that uses desktop management interface(DMI)for managing hardware and software components for companies that allow employees use their own Byod devices. Almost three quarters of companies today allow employees to bring their own devices to work and use them during the course of their job. This is from a February 2012 survey done by Enterasys.

Iphone management, iphone security, patch management and patch management software all fall under the realm of a company’s IT department. All of these elements must be taken care of and handled properly to keep businesses safe when employees are using hundreds of mobile devices today. The first step to effective mobile device management starts with a mobile device management policy and the use of mobile device management software.

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