Explaining Glamping To You

Stay in a yurt scotland

Glamping is actually relatively new today. Simply put, this is luxurious camping. Instead of taking a holiday in a tipi, you will still have hot water and a comfortable bed to sleep in. However, it’s also different from finding a big house to rent because with glamping you’ll be able to take a holiday in northern spain where you can escape the rat race while still being comfortable.

There are a lot of different types of glamping today. For instance, you can take a holiday in a yurt or find some other quirky places to stay while glamping. The point of glamping ultimately is to have all of the fun of camping without any of the discomfort that’s typically associated with it. Typically this will lead to some very unique experiences. This is because while glamping you’ll get to experience staying in things like a geodesic dome, a traditional gypsy caravan, an air stream caravan, a safari camp, a wigwam or even a tree house. In the end whenever your friends ask you about your glamping experience you’ll be able to tell them that you’ve had an awesome experience without spending a whole lot of money. That’s what glamping is all about.

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