Four Signs You Have What it Takes to Be an SEO Reseller

Seo reseller

There are competitive industries out there, and SEO reselling is quickly becoming another one to add to the list. SEO resellers compete for the business of thousands of enterprises across the country and around the world, so luckily competition is not terribly fierce just yet. But as more companies understand its value, the competition will increase accordingly. Before it does, jump at the opportunity to be an SEO reseller. But first, do you have what it takes? Some signs are below to help you answer this question.

First, do you already work in a field that encourages marketing yourself or your clients online? If this mentality already exists within your enterprise, it makes the transition toward reselling SEO a much simpler one. Everyone in the company already understands why clients should be advertising or marketing themselves on the Internet. By your enterprise serving as an SEO reseller, you get to assist these clients further by using SEO.

Second, do you have dedicated employees who will volunteer to be primary SEO resellers, or is the entire enterprise prepared to resell SEO as a cohesive unit? While it may not matter in the greater scheme of things, it certainly helps to answer this important question before picking a firm. Some firms like to work with one representative to relay information, while others are perfectly OK with communicating with anyone and everyone at a firm, based on whose clients they are representing.

Third, does your enterprise have the extra cash necessary to invest, so to speak, in being an SEO reseller? This monetary investment is minimal compared with the benefits that come from it, but it still does cost money. Ensure some extra cash is set aside so you could pay for the first three or so months of SEO reseller charges, if it ever were necessary. This will show you that the enterprise is prepared for both slow and fast growth.

Fourth, does everyone at least have a slight understanding of SEO? Even if one person at the company will be charged with reselling SEO and therefore would essentially be your company’s sole SEO reseller, all employees should be able to partake in a broad conversation about it. This is of particular importance if these employees are responsible for their own clients. They must have the capacity to explain SEO to them or they cannot fully buy into the concept, which could hurt your business.
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