Yaz Litigation Attorney

A Yaz litigation attorney can help women who have been harmed by taking this dangerous birth control pill. Since the release of the Yaz birth control pill a few years ago, countless women who have taken it have suffered all kinds of physical damages. Some women have even lost their lives due to taking this prescription medication. A Yaz litigation attorney can hold the maker of Yaz liable for medical expenses, pain and suffering and even wrongful deaths.

The maker of Yaz is Bayer. The FDA warned this manufacturer to include the fact that their Yaz birth control medication has dangerous side effects. However, Bayer ignored that warning and now countless women have suffered damages that they could have avoided if they had been able to read the warning. A Yaz litigation attorney can help women who need to see compensation for their injuries.

Some of the side effects women are experiencing included heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, pulmonary embolism, and gall bladder disease. This is all due to elevated levels of potassium in the blood that results from taking Yaz birth control pills. Any woman who is taking Yaz or who has taken it in the past should consult with a Yaz litigation attorney. That way they can find out what their legal rights are.

A Yaz litigation attorney is usually one that files class action lawsuits. These are the Yaz litigation attorneys that are actively seeking fair settlement amounts for countless women who have suffered damages from taking these dangerous birth control pills. In other words, a Yaz litigation attorney is actively seeking to hold Bayer Pharmaceutical liable for the damages their medication has caused hundreds of women. These women deserve a fair compensation for their medical expenses, which can be horrendously high, due medical complications that can arise from taking Yaz. A Yaz litigation attorney will make sure their clients are fairly compensated. A Yaz litigation attorney offers a free consultation for any woman that is taking Yaz or that has taken Yaz in the past. Sometimes damages may not show up right away but it best to consult with a Yaz litigation lawyer to find out if you have the right to make a claim for compensation now.

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