Finding Interesting Weight Loss Challenge Ideas For Your Employees

One of the most innovative and motivational things that you can do for your employees is challenging them to get healthier, and finding effective weight loss challenge ideas is an excellent way to set up a contest that is both enticing and rewarding. There are a number of weight loss challenge ideas geared toward workplace competitions that can be found on the internet, and by reading several sources to get different ideas, you will surely be able to come up with a great contest for your office. With so many weight loss challenge ideas available to you online, you might even be able to have a new contest every year with a different theme so you can keep things interesting.

When you are searching for weight loss challenge ideas, it is important to keep the needs and interests of your employees in mind. You do not want to impart any weight loss challenge ideas into your competition that might clash with an employee’s personal or religious beliefs. More importantly, you do not want to incorporate weight loss challenge ideas that could be too difficult for your staff to try and follow. If you do, no one will follow the competition and all of the time you spent researching, and applying weight loss challenge ideas would have been for nothing.

There are countless weight loss challenge ideas that you can incorporate that will help to facilitate the kind of atmosphere that you would like. One of the easiest ways to go about this is to have a weekly weigh off for your whole staff. The person who loses the most weight each week could win a small prize. Then, at the end of the competition, you could give away a large prize for the person who lost the most amount of weight collectively.

You could also introduce some other elements to make the competition more interesting. For instance, you could have a pot luck lunch one week where the theme is healthy food. Each dish could be graded on taste, originality, and calories with the person being judged to have the best dish winning a small prize.

Whichever way you choose to go about it, having a weight loss competition at your office could be the best thing you ever did. Your employees will be more engaged with work and their bodies making them more productive and happier overall. With a little effort, you could even change some lives.

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