Electric RC Cars Make a Great Family Hobby

Remote control vehicles include cars, trucks, airplanes, boats and helicopters. They have become one of the largest enjoyable hobbies for all members of the family. Nitro, gas and electric rc cars are available. Nitro and gas powered remote control vehicles have more power than electric rc cars. Beginners and families with young children normally purchase electric rc cars because they have a lower price tag and the slower speed is better suited for beginners. The electric rc cars make a much safer hobby for children.

Remote control vehicles come as toy grade or hobby grade. Some department and toy stores sell toy grade electric rc cars. These electric rc cars are great for children who are not familiar with remote control vehicles. They are a great way for beginners to get into a rewarding hobby at a lower cost. They are normally preassembled, which makes it easier when you first start out. Usually toy grade RC vehicles are manufactured using lower grade materials. They generally do not hold up as well in crashes and some of the punishments that hobby grade remote control cars can withstand.

The more expensive hobby grade remote control vehicles are better suited for those with some experience and die hard RC car enthusiasts. The better quality materials withstand heavier use. Hobby grade electric rc cars come in an unassembled kit. When you build the vehicle piece by piece, you become more acquainted with how it functions. Once you know how to assemble electric rc cars, you can fix them when something breaks. The electric rc cars you purchase at hobby shops generally provide better performance and a longer life than toy grade remote control vehicles.

Remote control vehicles come in a variety of sizes. Anywhere from 1/24 scale to larger than a tabletop. Some of the most popular electric rc cars include the 1/10 scale sizes that are available in touring cars, buggies, monster trucks and stadium trucks. Buggies and stadium trucks can go as fast as 15 to 30 miles per hour. They come in two wheel drive. The monster trucks come in two wheel and four wheel drive. They get up to 15 miles per hour. The touring electric rc cars come in four wheel drive and can get up to 40 miles per hour when you install a special motor.

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