What To Look For In High Quality Polo Saddles

To participate in the popular sport polo, either professionally or as an amateur, you will need to acquire polo saddles for your horse. You can purchase polo saddles online from various dealers either new or used depending on your preference. Many riders prefer to purchase their saddles in person so they can evaluate the condition themselves rather than relying on an online description. It is important to know the different aspects of polo saddles in order to choose a high quality product that will be effective during your polo games.

When searching for polo saddles online, you can either go to a professional provider or visit a website that allows other riders to sell their used saddles. Most professional riders will recommend going to a business that specializes in saddles in order to acquire a high quality product that will last. The decision to buy either new or used polo saddles is up to the rider, and there are benefits for both choices. With new saddles, you know you are getting a product that has no flaws or problems, but with used saddles, they will already be broken in for you. If it is possible, you may want to try out different polo saddles on your horse before making a final decision to see which one provides the best fit.

When choosing high quality polo saddles for your horse, it is important to know the different aspects that qualify a saddle to be used for polo. Some vendors try to sell people any old saddle and say it is for polo if the customer does not seem to know the difference. For riding horses during polo, you will need a saddle that is flatter than other riding saddles. Since you will need to move your legs a lot during polo games, the flaps need to be longer and flatter than other models. Relatively no padding is used underneath the leg area to accommodate for the increased leg movement. While playing polo, you do not want your movement to be hindered by the saddle.

If you have any polo saddles that you no longer use and wish to sell to other riders, there are many websites that will allow you to do so. You can also sell your used saddles to providers who accept previously owned riding accessories. It is a good idea to care for your saddles while using them in order to be able to sell them after you obtain new saddles or not longer have a need to ride.

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