Get A Wider Reach When You Submit Blog

When you submit blogs to any site online, you can greatly increase the chances that it will be picked up by search engine spiders. Of course you will have to keep the basic tenets of search engine optimization in mind. SEO is particularly crucial, since it helps you attract more quality traffic to your site.

It is very important to realize that search engines basically work on different algorithms in order analyze the contents and keywords when you submit blogs. For example, Google assigns page ranks to sites, with higher ranking sites appearing first in the results.

Of course there are many other factors to keep in mind with regard to search engines when you submit blogs. Among the most important are relevance, the uniqueness of your content, the coding of your site, and the quality of your links.

Keep in mind that the majority of search engines are quite secretive with regard to these factors, since revealing them will help unscrupulous site owners manipulate the ranking system. Trying to find workarounds, which are typically called black hat SEO techniques can be detrimental when you submit blogs.

In most cases, you won’t even have to submit blogs to the blog directories in order for Google, Yahoo! and MSN to index them. Unless you specifically set your blog to be private, chances are that these search engines will eventually find them and index them without you having to do a thing. However, you can speed the process up considerably by establishing a link with another site that has already made it into the search engine listings. When such a site is visited by search engine crawlers called spiders, they will find also your site and index it. This is a great…and legal…way to bypass the approval process when you submit blogs.

There are also several sites on the Internet that offer free submission services to search engines. For a certain fee, such services will send your blogs to over a hundred search engines. Depending on your needs and the specific audience you are trying to attract, you may find that to submit blogs to the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN would be sufficient. Alternately, you may also opt to submit blogs to the smaller search engines as well. in any case, you will be able to reach a much wider audience when you submit blogs through these services.

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