Questions You Should Avoid Answering on a Car Lot – How To Estimate Auto Body Repair

al. But what you don’t know could be that used vehicle dealerships have ways of making you purchase more than what you actually need.

As discussed in our video “Questions that you must never be asked on a car lot,” there are a handful of issues you need to keep from making decisions about until the later stages of the process of buying a car.

There are some questions you must not answer.

1. Are you paying the cost of the car with cash or with finance? 2. What is your credit score? 3. How much will you invest? 4. Have you ever traded in the car you own? What is the value for your vehicle?

Such questions permit used car dealers to qualify customers before having even an opportunity to browse.

Each of these is one of the vital questions you should be able to answer once you’ve made a decision on the vehicle that you would like, with all your key people present and received an offer from the dealership. For now, just make sure you keep your answers secret.

These tips will help you reduce time and cost when you next evaluating used car dealerships.


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