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The evaporator is the common name for all components of an air conditioner. The coils typically are warmer than the surrounding air. They’re also known in conjunction as the condenser.

The differences in temperature between condenser and evaporator can lead to the condenser absorbing warm air and exchanging it back into the air. The compressor and the expansion valve are needed for this principle to function properly in the air conditioning system.

The compressor increases the refrigerant’s pressure. The increased pressure causes the refrigerant to attain greater temperatures than environment. It is then discharged when hot gaseous refrigerant goes through in the heat exchanger. The expansion valve reduces refrigerant flow and consequently reduces the pressure. When the pressure decreases in the refrigerant, a portion of it are evaporated. Refrigerant has to generate the energy needed to evaporate. The result is a decrease in temperature. Refrigerant becomes cold. The temperature of the room decreases when the air passes over the Evaporator. 5eqdtkxn6c.

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