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It is possible to use the unique ng-case to your advantage.

Did you receive the DUI ticket? A ticket or summons is handed out to anyone who has been arrested for DUI. The ticket states when the offender will have to stand in court to confront charges. The majority of times, the offenders will also have their drivers licenses banned.

If you’re a first-time offender and you’re asking “can you get jail time as a one-time DUI?” The answer to that question is yes. The majority of states may avoid jail for a first-time offense. The jail sentence can however be handed down in the event of aggravating circumstances like the death or injury of the victim, the high blood alcohol content, or the presence in vehicles of children when the offense occurred.

In the case of DUI with no driver’s license, the driver is typically accused of two crimes: a DUI offense and another one infraction for driving with no license. When a driver is charged with a third or following DUI incident, a long sentence will be imposed by the judge in addition to other penalties.


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