How to Refinish Your Flooring – NC Pool Supply

The preparation for nishing takes many hours of preparation. This includes ensuring the floor of your hardwood isn’t constructed from engineered or layered wood.

Test the wood’s quality is straightforward Examine the ends of the grain from one floorboard. If there are layers that aren’t there, then the floors aren’t made of hardwood. It is recommended that professionals handle engineered flooring at a refinishing stage.

The method involves the removal of the furniture and other decorative objects taking carpet off removal, taking out molding and making sure that no nails, staples or staples will tear the sanding disks.

To keep dust out of the areas, wrap everything in painter’s tape and clear plastic. Employ a coarse-grit and sandpaper-loaded orbital sander to sand throughout the entire area. Next, use the hand-sander for smoothing out the edges. To get the most perfect floor finish make use of a detail sander to cut corners.

Prior to staining your floors then you might need to make three passes using the finer-grained sandpaper. Your floor may also require two to three days per coat to completely dry before you reattach the molding and move your furniture in the room. Take pleasure in your freshly refinished flooring! xsoa532lxh.

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