Burglars Startled by Security Camera – The Film Frame

There is a good chance that this will ever occur. It is, however, common for us to still purchase security cameras for peace of mind as well as the small chance of catching an intruder. In this video, it appears that the purchase was worth the cost. The video shows not just one but two burglars. The burglars may have to seek bail bondsmen once they’ve been captured.

The video begins when the first suspect enters the home’s bedroom. The suspect is carrying the pistol which is concealed on his right hip. The suspect was not at home in the moment of the robbery. The burglar can be seen searching his possessions in a calm manner in search of valuable things. It is surprising how calm it is that he appears. Another suspect is seen on the scene, carrying the appearance of a stolen notebook. This laptop is probably worth something, but the files and passwords that are stored there would be extremely valuable in the event of a hack. A homeowner is alerted via his security camera his phone while conducting a search. It is clear to see two burglars. Then he begins to shout at them, much to the surprise at the criminals. The burglars were shocked to see that police officers are fast approaching.


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