Bathroom Remodeling for Beginners – DIY Projects for Home

The bathroom you want to remodel.

It’s easy to take off fixtures, as they’re generally connected with glue and screws. However, it can be more challenging taking out the bathtub or shower because there are several hardware pieces. Additionally, ensure that you take out your plumbing first before taking away taps, for example.

Using a piece of plywood for marking your measures will make it much easier when you install the drywalling. When you begin removing the drywall make sure you check for any pipes or wiring. Wear your mask to protect yourself when you are removing the fibreglass. The fibreglass can get quite grimy because that’s how appears to be.

Prior to applying screws or glue, ensure you have marked every drywalling area. To prevent water damage later put on waterproofing sealer every corner of your tub and shower.

Make sure you have new tiles, a toilet and washbasinand you’re in good shape!


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