4 Common Types of Industrial Welding – Alabama Wild Man

W, the host will outline the differentiators among the most commonly used forms of welding used in commercial enterprises.

He first describes stick welding, also known as shielded metal arc welding. This welding method is more old-fashioned. This isn’t the most strong or durable sort of welding. It will require the need for some maintenance.

Next, he describes flux core arc welding. When welding this way the heat generated is created from the DC electric arc. It is then transferred by a tube-shaped electrolyte. Although it looks very similar to stick welding this sort of welding is different and requires different equipment.

He also describes both MIG as well as TIG welding. Both types of welding are able to be completed in an oxygen free space. MIG welding uses a feed wire, while the TIG welding process uses rods that are long. The two require special gear and equipment because of their lower oxygen levels as well as the high temperatures used in the welding process.

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