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Wood Flooring Refinishing Steps that are Strong and Durable

Prepare the room by clearing curtains and hanging pictures, as well as removing doors as well as shoe molding.
Insulate the air vents doors, lights, and windows with plastic
Start the machine by loading the machine with fine grind. Make sure that it doesn’t run idle at any given time.
To observe the effects of your sanding, it’s best to continue working on the grain. Continue to sand until you are close to the edges. Sand the edges by using the power hand sander, using the same grit paper. On the corners, employ an edge sander.
After sanding clean every dust particle and fill the gouges and holes with wood filler.
Utilize a medium-grit paper for the second time for both hand sander along the edges and the detail sander to smooth the corners.
Remove dust by using the help of a brush and vacuum
The third and last pass make use of fine-grit sandpaper to smooth fine scratches out in the event that the floor appears rough after having sanded.
If you wish to alter the floor’s color, stain the floor. If not, apply a sanding sanding sealer in advance of the polyurethane finish. Dry it, and then lightly sand using 320-grit sandpaper. Clean the room once more and dry it. Using a natural bristle brush and an applicator, apply a polyurethane finish and your wooden flooring will be completed. 83dibdevwx.

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