The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Roof Installers – Teng Home

They would mistakenly believe that roofing is a word that means roof no matter where it is located. There are many distinctions between residential and commercial roofs. Some residential roof installers aren’t allowed to construct commercial roofing, but vice versa. Every type of roof will be unique. They also can require distinct insurance coverage.

It is important to consider the requirements for your company prior to installing the commercial roof. Vents required by businesses will have to be mounted in the roofing. Many companies need space on the roof to house equipment. For equipment support, the roof must be reinforced. Also, most commercial roofing is flat and that comes with distinct issues than an incline roof.

Residential roofs that are pitched can pose specific challenges. Due to the slope of the roof, rooftops for residential buildings are seen from the street and therefore the design aspects are crucial. Commercial and residential roofs are constructed with various materials. All in all, the two roofs serve very different purposes and their installation is a reflection of that.


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