Should You Get Granite Countertops? Pros and Cons – Remodeling Magazine

Granite countertops add an elegant touch to your home and enhance the aesthetics. It is true that there are pros and cons.

The pros are the best, granite countertops can be easily cleaned with soap and water, even the use of rubbing alcohol to take out stains from food dye to markers. This can be an excellent bonus for families with children who are messier

Granite countertops are also well-heated. Granite countertops are able to warm up a pot. The countertops can be cut with no scratch marks.

It could be a pros and con. Granite countertops can be expensive and when you are ready to decide to sell your house it will be glad you have this expensive countertop to increase your home’s value.

One disadvantage that granite countertops come with is that even though they look beautiful They hide mess very easily. It is because of the many dark colors within the countertop, making it a great location for food particles to be hidden.

The pros may weigh out the disadvantages of granite countertops , if this is something you’d like to see for your kitchen.


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