What to Watch Out For When Looking for an Auto Body Shop – Auto Trader California

Scotty Kilmer, auto mechanic, explains how to spot unsafe body shops.

The first sign of bad auto body shops is that they don’t provide an estimate in writing of they will estimate how much work to cost. Employees delay the attempts of getting an estimate. The estimate should be provided by writing it down within the same day.

The shop that is not reputable will be staffed by rude people. You are ignored by them. You are told that the majority of body shops in the area are scams. They are not able to return phone calls. Sometimes, they even close in the hours they advertise their hours of operation.

The Internet can be a fantastic resource to learn about the bad auto body shops. Look online for reviews about the auto repair shop you are considering. Focus on recent reviews since they’re the best indication of the current state of the shop. Visit on the Better Business Bureau website in the state you reside in. It is advisable to consider switching to another shop if there are a lot of complaints. owdteac94f.

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