What Is Ecotoxicology? – Alabama Wild Man

What does ecotoxicology mean? Keep reading to learn a little bit more about this term and its practice.
Ecotoxicology is a branch of ecology, which is an investigation of the plants and animals in the world in our surroundings. The particular field of ecology is focused on the impact of toxic chemicals on biological species like plants and animals. The research of toxic chemicals and their effects on both animals and plants is an important field for farmers. The data gathered by ecotoxicologists is used to make more knowledgeable decisions on how to feed farm animals or how to fertilize crops as well as which techniques for insects control are safest.
In the absence of this crucial field of research, it’s likely that the food that we produce and consume might suffer significant damages and possibly cause significant injury upon ingestion. In their study, ecotoxicologists aim to preserve the environment as well as their health. psg58zplst.

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