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Five stand out from other companies. Mitsubishi is the first elevator firm. They make elevators and the escalators. This multinational Japanese company was formed in 1921 and has made several technological advances. Their headquarters is found in Tokyo, Japan. They’ve developed the fastest elevator anywhere in the world. It stands 70 stories high. Mitsubishi is a combination of two words. have been merged. It has led to an abundance of organizational power. Thyssenkrupp may be next on the list of elevators. The elevator takes 2nd place after Mitsubishi. It is German. It’s one of the leaders in the technology industry of Europe and has achieved great success. It was founded around 22 years ago, making it among the newer companies. It’s still the leader across many categories. It’s also known under the name TK Elevator. Schwindler is the third company. They are from Switzerland and have created significant contributions to the field. There is a wealth of information about elevators. If you are keen to know more, keep watching this video to find out more. 3o7nd7yf2i.

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